Collapsible Trash Cans

Collapsible Trash Cans are fashionable and convenient trash cans that make trash disposal easy and convenient. These trash cans are designed practically to provide full garbage capacity.Collapsable garbage cans keep your space clean but take the minimal amount of space. 

​Which Collapsible Trash Can is best? Our readers have spoken!
          these are their picks for the top Collapsible Trash Cans for 2018.

They come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and designs, so it is easy to match the decorations in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, utility room, office, and car or even in your garage.

​Easy to store- The design of this trash can is collapsible that makes it easy to use and store when not in use when it is not in use folds it for compact storage with a hook-and-loop strap.

​Most of them have snap lock features for easy storage when collapsed, and work using a coiled frame that pops up and holds itself open when the trash can is in use and collapses neatly when it is not.

Collapsible trash cans are practical and flexible, as they can also be used as a laundry hamper. Some models are even leak proof and vinyl-lined so that they can double as ice and beverage containers.

The Collapsible garbage cans usually have handles for easy transport and a zipper lid to hold items while keeping pests at bay. No matter how hard they try, dogs won’t be able to get into these kinds of trash cans.

Collapsible trash bins are not just for homes. Portable trash cans are so portable and convenient that you can use them at parties, tailgating activities, picnics and for camping trips.

These best trash cans are particularly appealing for RV travelers since they do not require much space, and they can be folded neatly when not needed.

You can use them when you clean up your yard, especially the trash can models that are made of sturdy materials. They are tear-resistant and heavy-duty, so they can easily handle weeds or lawn clippings.

            Tips to Select Collapsible Trash Cans

1. Stansport Collapsible Campsite Carry-All/Trash Can

Stansport Collapsible Campsite Carry

​Stansport Collapsible Campsite Carry is Lightweight, collapsible campsite trash can that is made of made of durable polyethylene material. It is straightforward to install, and you can set up it in seconds.

 The top of this collapsible garbage can for camping is fully zippered, and it has two padded web carry handles. It is ideal for poolside towel hamper, gear storage, and ball bag.


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    ​Made of durable polyethylene material..
  • check
    ​Fully zippered top.
  • check
    ​Two padded web carry handles.
  • check
    ​Compresses Flat for Easy Storage.
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    Spring support to preserve the shape.

​2. Camco Extra Large Heavy Duty Collapsible Container- Perfect as an Outdoor Trash Can​.

Camco Extra Large Heavy Duty Collapsible Container

​Camco Extra Large Heavy Duty Collapsible Container is a 39-gallon trash bags that are ideal for using outdoor trash can or yard waste container.

It has an additional handle on the bottom which facilitates for easy lifting. It includes toggles which are used for a secure close.


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    ​ Fits 39 gallon trash bags.
  • check
    ​Handle at the bottom for easy lifting.
  • check
    ​Padded handles.
  • check
    Toggles for a secure close.
  • check
    ​Durable liner.

​Rumfo Universal Traveling Portable Car Trash Can​

Rumfo Universal Traveling Portable Car Trash Can

​Rumfo Universal Traveling Portable Car Trash Can is a collapsible and Pop-up Leak Proof Trash Bin with Cover. It constructs with high-quality polyester fabric that provides maximum strength, durability, and longevity.

This Portable Car Trash Can is fold-able that is designed in a particular way to collect more waste in less space.

It is an expert in clearing your car's inner parts, throw garbage such as wrappers, facial tissues, pericarp, cans of beverages in this can during the trip and getting out when you get out of your car.

It is also ideal for home, business, classroom, even outdoor activities. You can also use it for the trash bag or as a storage bag for toys.


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    ​Portable and compact.
  • check
    ​Made with quality polyester fabric.
  • check
    ​Ultra practical and fold-able.
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