Best Water Filter Pitcher Reviews

The use of Water filter pitcher is the best and most simple way to remove toxins and contaminants from water. Water filter pitcher is a simple and easy to use and simple to maintain water filter which needs no installation. Best water purifier pitcher is the easiest and the most reliable option for those people who want to have water as pure as possible. It uses advanced filter technology to provide you healthy and purified water.

​Which Water Filter Pitcher is the best? Our readers have spoken!
        These are their picks for the top Water Filter Pitchers for 2018.

Water filter pitcher is capable of handling some larger minerals and may even be effective in reducing the presence of some microbes and contaminants. Water filter pitcher can also be a useful possession if you are camping or enjoying a picnic somewhere where you are not sure of the quality of the water. Water filter pitcher is the best home water filter which is extremely compact, portable, convenient and easy to use.

Best water filter pitcher removes chlorine taste, harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites and odor, copper, mercury, zinc, and cadmium impurities found in tap water. Due to its classic oval design, it comfortably fits into most refrigerator doors. By utilizing the best water pitcher, you can remain from safe a wide variety of health problems.

It employs mechanical filtration and active carbon-based filtration, which provides a right balance of filtering potential.

​1.  Brita Large 10 Cup Everyday Water Pitcher with Filter - BPA Free - White.

Brita Large 10 Cup Everyday Water Pitcher

​Brita Large 10 Cup Everyday Water Pitcher comes with BPA-free filter which eliminates chlorine taste and odor, zinc, copper, mercury, cadmium and all impurities found in tap water.

This large Water Pitcher contains enough water for the whole family. It fits easily into most refrigerator doors due to its classic oval design.

This water filtration pitcher includes a helpful status indicator notifies you when your water filter needs to be replaced.

Water filtration pitcher delivers you healthier and great tasting water.

Key features:

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    ​It reduces all type of impurities from tap water.
  • check
    ​It includes a filter indicator for optimum performance.
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    ​The filter is 100% BPA free.
  • check
    Fits easily into most refrigerator doors.
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    Easy to use.

​ZeroWater 8 Cup Pitcher in Stainless Steel with Free Water Quality Meter BPA-Free NSF Certified.

ZeroWater 8 Cup Pitcher in Stainless Steel

ZeroWater 8 Cup Pitcher is a large eight cup water filtering pitcher always delivers cleaner, healthier and pure tasting water. 

ZeroWater, 8 Cup water filter pitcher, is a high water filter system which use five stages of filtration, to deliver you cleaner, better tasting water. 

It uses exchange technology to reduce contaminants. It is NSF certified and reduces lead and other heavy metals. It removes 99.6% of total dissolved solids.

By utilizing ZeroWater 8 Cup Pitcher cleaner water anywhere, from pitchers, bottle filtration systems, or portable on-the-go cup filters.

The pitcher comes with one Ion Exchange filter, a laboratory-grade testing meter.

​Key features:

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    ​Remove lead and other heavy metals.
  • check
    ​Eliminates 99.6% of total dissolved solid.
  • check
    It ​uses ion Exchange Technology.
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    Water quality meter to test water quality.
  • check
    Virtually removes all dissolved solids from water.
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    ​Filters ​water in 5 stages.

3.  BWT Premium Water Filter Pitcher With 3 Bonus 60 Day Filters, Award Winning Austrian Quality, Technology For Superior Filtration.

BWT Premium Water Filter Pitcher With 3 Bonus 60 Day Filters,

BWT Premium Water Filter Pitcher is the best whole house water filter in the world that reduces chlorine, heavy metals and scale.

It relieves Magnesium Deficiency. This best filter pitcher mineralizes the water with valuable magnesium. 

It contains silver to provide antimicrobial protection and prolong filter life and stability. It delivers stable performance over the life of the filter.

Key features

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    ​Mineralizes the water with valuable Magnesium.
  • check
    ​​Makes water taste natural, balanced and fresh.
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    ​Red dot design winner.
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    Winner of Plus X Award.
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    Winner of home & trend award.
  • check
    Filter ingredients won't get packed down.

​4.  Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher - Fluoride, Lead, Chloramine, Chromium-6 Filter - BPA-Free

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher is a 100% BPA-free Water Filter Pitcher which is made of 100% FDA-approved food grade materials. The Filter use in aquagear water pitcher is made in USA.

Aquagear water filter meets and exceeds NSF Standards 42 and 53 for contaminant reduction. Each high quality aquagear filter produces 150 gallons of water which is three to four times longer than other water filters.

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher removes fluoride, lead, chromium6, chloramines, mercury and chlorine from tap water. Its five stage filter with 2 micron pores protects you and your family from contaminants that other filters miss.

The filter does all this while keeping healthy trace minerals like calcium and magnesium in your water.

​salient Features:

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    ​Remove 200% more contaminants than others.
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    ​100% recyclable and 100% vegan.
  • check
    ​Meets and exceeds NSF Standards 42 and 53.
  • check
    Five stage filter with 2 micron pores.
  • check
    Each filter 150 gallons of water.

​5.  MAVEA 1005722 Elemaris XL 9-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher, Ruby Red

MAVEA 1005722 Elemaris XL 9

Mavea water pitcher is the new generation premium water filtration system which is made in Germany and delivers clean and sweet drinkable water for you and your whole family. Mavea water pitcher comes with easier and more convenient to use features.

Mavea water pitcher has rubberized feet and handles which provide an elegant and functional touch.

It is made of highest quality BPA Free materials. Mavea water filter pitcher has a large nine glass water capacity. The new shaped filter of mavea water pitcher delivers consistent flow and filtration over the life of the filter. 

Mavea water filtration pitcher is certified by WQA to NSF ANSI Standards 42 and 53. This best water purifier pitcher reduces chlorine taste and odor along with other unwanted elements.

Mavea Pur water filter pitcher includes smart Meter which measures water hardness. Mavea water pitcher offers a comprehensive filter recycling program.​ Its new shaped filter delivers consistent flow

Key features:

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    ​Available in an array of sizes and colors.
  • check
    ​Easier and more convenient to use.
  • check
    ​Integrates the highest quality materials.
  • check
    ​Large nine glass water capacity.
  • check
    Rubberized feet and handles.
  • check
    100% BPA Free,

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